The world's First Business School
Built bY Actors, FOR ACTORS
The world's First Business School
for Actors, Built bY Actors
The world's First Business School
You need a step-by-step guide to get booked full-time!
Without being bossed around by an agent or piece together info yourself...
"I know, I know. I need to get serious about my acting career, but I have NO idea how!"
Tell me if this sounds like you...
  •  Struggling as a part-time actor & unsure what to do next to grow?
  •  Got no plan of action to get in the right audition rooms?
  •  No idea what big-time actors are doing DAILY that you aren't?
  •  Sitting, waiting & hoping to be discovered by an agent?
Because in an ideal world, you’d practice your lines, voice impressions, and just #actallday, right? You’d perfect your craft for hours and hours and not even bat an eye at the time passing by...
But when it comes to the business side of acting… ain’t gonna happen. You’d rather do a million warm-ups than sit down & cold call for jobs. 
It’s not that you don’t care about your career or that you don’t want to make connections that lead to a career-changing role… it’s just that it feels so impossible to understand.

It’s easy to feel like you need to figure this stuff out on your own. That’s what a lot of actors get wrong, and trust me... it's the loneliest, most ineffective thing ever...
IMAGINE. How would you feel if you could...
(and boost your confidence big time as your personal brand grows)
(and you become the CEO of your biz, instead of the agent)

(and use the right marketing tools to win the audition every time)
(because you know you are finally getting serious about this) 
(and get the attention of producers so they all talk about you)
Not only is this all possible, but I am here to guide you in my 6-course program, ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL. You don’t have to do it alone.
"After working with Actor's Fast Track, I feel totally confident now! I don't feel helpless anymore or like I'm waiting for somebody else to make it happen for me. I've booked a recurring role on Snapchat, 5 films, a pilot, a commercial, a play, and I'm on The Second City sketch comedy team in Hollywood."

Garrett Wagner, Los Angeles
A 6-course program, built by actors, for actors, where you’ll transform your life by learning how to turn part-time gigs into a full-time acting career.  
After just 6 courses, you will...
Join ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your confidence is gonna rock!
No more bouncing around. You'll get clear on your message and know where you're headed.
Did you know you can get your own acting gigs without an agent? I'll teach you how!
Finally enjoy your acting career and worry less about the day-to-day grind of your normal job.
Actors Biz School is different from some of the other things you might have tried:


You might have tried clicking around the internet or randomly applying for acting gigs… only to end up frustrated and jobless and without a real plan in place.


Guilty of avoiding doing the real work necessary? Maybe you've given up hope that you can do this damn thing, so you keep your day job and only dream about acting.


Hours of research you spent piecing together info you’ve found on Youtube or random webinars. You learned a few nuggets, but still left dazed and confused.

 My fellow actor... what you really need is a guide to teach you step-by-step, hold your hand, and be available for questions.

"I'll be your guide if you let me." - Valorie
Here’s What You’ll Learn...

ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL is broken down into 6 multi-lesson courses. All course materials and training videos are held within our online student portal. Best news ever is that you’ll get lifetime access so you can always refer back to this material and it will always be up-to-date!

Month - 1
Welcome Session with Scott & Valorie
($547 value)
Month - 2
Actor Tech
($547 value)
Month - 3
Marketing Tools For The Actor
($547 value)
Month - 4
Selling Yourself As An Actor
($547 value)
Month - 5
How To Get, Keep Or Fire Your Agent ($547 value)
Month - 6
Running Your Acting Business Like A Business ($547 value)
Month - 7
Audition Like A PRO: Self-Tape To Producer Calls ($547 value)

When you enroll in ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL today, you get:

  • 7 Step-By-Step Multi-Lesson Courses all taught by Valorie Hubbard and guests, including a workbook for each course to keep you organized ($3,829 value)
  • BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to the Actors Fast Track Client Facebook Group ($2,450 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to the ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL with unlimited updates (priceless)
When you add it all up, it's a value of $3,829, and I know you'll make that money back super fast with the tips I'll teach you. But I wanted to make it more affordable for more actors, so I decided I would offer Actors Biz School for only $997.


For our founding members, I went ahead and dropped the price even more...

Enroll today for a one-time investment of just $997!


Just see what our clients are saying...
Actors Fast Track is a GODSEND. I am convinced that AFT is the single most important training I’ve had as an Actor. I used to be one of those actors who would just submit to jobs on Actors Access and hope for auditions. Now, I spend my day implementing Valorie's business principles! I spend my day feeling like a pro
instead of constantly wondering or doubting myself. Since joining AFT, my auditions have been at an all-time high and I’ve been booking like never before!

AFT isn't just a program, it's a RE-program. It’ll change the way you approach your whole life.”
"Before I worked with Val one on one, I was not acting. I was lost working a 9 to 5 and I did not know where or how to start. One day while staring at my computer at work, I told myself this needs to change, I have to act, I did not move to LA to not follow my dream, and I have no idea how to do it.

Like magic or like how most synchronicities happen, after 3 years without speaking to Val, she reached out to me to come to her Mind Games event. From there I signed up to work with her and she opened up my mindset to all the resources actors need, to take control of my own career and business.

She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself and for that I am forever grateful.

I would recommend Val to any actor who feels lost, or any actor who has tried everything else by playing by the “rules” and has gone nowhere, any actor who is ready to change their lives and take their business seriously."
Ivonne Navarro
"Simply put, my acting career prior to meeting Valorie was a career in slow motion. After a long career as a NY stage actor, I moved into public education as a Director and Artistic Director for a well-known performing arts school. After 12 years of raising mega superstars like Zendaya, Bo Burnham, Kehlani and Tati Gabriele; I knew it was time to go explore MY passion: film and television. The issue: I had no clue where to start. By fate and luck, I met Valorie Hubbard.

Where am I today? With Valorie, I've learned how to properly brand myself, align my marketing to match that branding, select and partner with an agent that is an addition to MY team, learned how to pitch myself for projects and mostly: HOW TO TREAT THIS AS MY BUSINESS!!

I would recommend Valorie to anyone who is serious about doing something SUBSTANTIAL with their Acting BUSINESS! If you are enjoying part-time acting along with 2-5 other side jobs, Valorie is NOT FOR YOU. If you are willing and ready to take immediate FULL TIME ACTION to get the results you want........HIRE HER TODAY!"
Michael berry
"Before working with Valorie and AFT, I did not know how to take my acting career into my own hands.

While and after working with her, I became clear on what to do and how to do it. As a result, I went from having zero auditions in major casting offices to auditioning for several casting directors on my hit list.

I even got a series-regular audition as a direct result of calling a casting office and following up with an email. 

Another casting director praised my post card and told me that is why she called me in.

Working with Valorie, I solidified my brand, created effective marketing materials, and started making sales calls. I literally picked up the phone and called casting offices. I completed dozens of drop-offs, sent postcards, created and sent my monthly newsletter."
"Working with Valorie has made me understand how much power us actors actually have. She has encouraged me to be braver and has made me realize that the real success as an actor is all within our own reach.

I love Valorie's commitment to this business and that she makes each actor she works with unique in their own way.

Valorie is a real powerhouse and I would recommend her to any fellow actor who is looking to reach new heights! "
Elina golde
"Me before I met Val (BV): down on my career; feeling stuck and like I was at the behest of all the decision makers in the industry; feeling like I had no agency and no power; not getting auditions, not booking; annoyed, frustrated, confused, and for all I knew: helpless.

Me after working with Val for 2 years (AV): a totally full-time actor who knows how to market myself, and loves the way I market myself; in control of my business and highly capable of pitching; able to get auditions and book without the help of representation, and also able to take meetings with potential teammates (reps, producers, writers) in a powerful way, in a way that I’m standing in my full worth; creating my own content on a regular basis; feeling free, empowered, delicious; HAVING FUN.

I just booked a TV show, a play and a VO job. I have a meeting with an awesome agent scheduled for a few weeks from now. I’m getting a VO demo produced with people I love. Honestly, I’m SO MUCH looking forward to thanking Valorie Hubbard in my Oscar/Emmy/Tony speech. (Self confidence has spiked, too, CAN YOU TELL?!)

My life AV is a dream. come. true."
Start with the ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL.
The ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL: A comprehensive business school BUILT BY ACTORS, FOR ACTORS  

Normal Price $3,829 ~ Now $997!
You need more than good acting skills. You need to have a business plan to get cast! Don't worry... we'll help you figure it out like many of our clients have.

AFT Actors get cast in everything from Film to TV to Theater!
Actor's Fast Track is the creation of working actress Valorie Hubbard. Her credits include Castle, A.G.E.N.T.S of Shield, True Blood, Resident Evil: Extinction to name a few. She forged a career by being pragmatic, dedicated, and entrepreneurial. Now she helps other actors do the same with Actor’s Fast Track. Working closely with each individual she coaches, Valorie helps them to develop their personal brand and create a customized plan of action to reach those goals and dreams faster. WAY FASTER.
A letter to all my fellow actors out there…
I know the struggle.
I get the challenges.
I have been there, and I know that being an actor is, well, tough.

When you decide to be an actor, the only thing you ever dream about is getting the chance to act.

When you go to acting school or taking acting classes, the main thing you focus on is your craft. You envision yourself on the big screen, or performing to a packed theater audience. You see yourself embodying iconic characters and inspiring people with your dramatic interpretations.

You're taught how to emote. How to demonstrate emotion with just a twitch of the eye, or a subtle hand gesture. You are taught everything about the craft of acting.

But what you’re often not taught about is… the business of acting.

You’re not taught about all the work behind the scenes that goes into getting the gig.

That you need to market yourself.
That you need to understand how the system works.

That you need to have a plan in place because getting acting gigs doesn’t happen by accident.

There’s a whole 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th) job of building your career that is separate from the actual work of performing as an actor.
 Do you have a business plan for your acting career?

But before I get into that, let’s take a step back…

I want to share a story from 20 years ago. It’s with my husband Chef Gill Boyd, (not an actor by the way). If you don’t know him, he’s a professional chef (and amazing at it, if I can humbly say so myself), and back in the day he wanted to open his own coffee shop.

To get started, he needed a loan from the bank. Since they weren’t going to just lend him money sight unseen, they asked him a simple question: “Do you have a business plan?” He did. And he got the money and he started his business.  

At the same time, I was a working actress and was busy trying to keep my own career afloat. I was watching so many of my fellow actors struggle because they seemed to be trying to get gigs haphazardly, bouncing around from thing to thing without a real coherent process for securing the next opportunity.

In this moment, it was like a lightbulb went off! I had to ask myself, “If traditional business owners need a plan in order to succeed, why don’t actors have a business plan for themselves?”
 So, do YOU have a business plan for YOUR acting career?
A moment ago I asked if you had a plan. So... do you?

     •   Do you have a strategy for how you’re going to grow your acting career?
     •   Do you know how much money you want to make, and what you need to do to get it?
     •   Do you know how to market & sell yourself to your ideal clients (i.e., casting directors)?

When I ask actors what they are doing to grow their businesses…they are often ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.

      “I’m taking Voice Over lessons.”
      “I’m getting new headshots.”
      “I”m trying to get a new agent.”
      “I just signed up for an acting class.”

I’m not against any of those actions, but the reality is that none of those haphazard actions are necessarily going to = getting booked.

There is a process towards building your acting career, and yes, deepening your training and widening your skill-set is part of that.

But it's not worth the work if you don’t have a plan in place to get in front of casting directors, so you can live your dream!
 Speaking of which…What is your dream?
Do you have one?

Do you know what you really want?

I ask that because, as actors, we’re often told that we can’t get the dream we want.

I can’t tell you how many times in my career I’ve been told that I should be happy to get what I get and call it a day.

Maybe that’s you too.

     •   Maybe you’ve been told you can’t get the series regular gig because you didn’t go to acting school.
     •   Maybe you’ve heard you can’t be a regular if you haven’t been a co-star.
     •   You’re told no one will meet with you because you don’t work with particular “Agent A”

The "you can't because" list goes on and on...   And to that, I have to say….F**K that!

At Actor’s Fast Track, we don’t play that way. We don’t believe in playing by rules that make no sense and that frankly, are changing so quickly that what worked yesterday likely won’t work tomorrow.

The first thing we ask our clients is: What is your dream?

If they don’t know…we help them figure it out.  And once they do…we help them build a plan to get it.

Because success in this industry isn’t an accident. Success comes when you know what you want, and you have the guidance and support to make it happen. 
Founder & CEO
The ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL: A comprehensive business school BUILT BY ACTORS, FOR ACTORS!

Normal Price $3,829 ~ Now $997!
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I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL.
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What if just one idea in Actors Biz School…
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What if just one strategy in Actors Biz School…
Helps you land the acting career you always dreamed of?

What if just one technique in Actors Biz School…
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Of course, you will also have LIFETIME ACCESS to any upgrades and additions to the course. The information in ACTORS BIZ SCHOOL will NEVER be outdated. You’ll NEVER be on your own to figure something out.

We are in this TOGETHER!
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