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Rule Breakers: Changing the way ACTORS do business 
Why do you want this book?
Because it is not like all the other myriad “how-to-break-into-Hollywood-or-Broadway” books on the market.

Within its pages are the proven, bold approaches the author, Valorie Hubbard, used to build her own successful acting career. Valorie offers a radically different approach to booking theater, TV and film roles which will most likely stretch your comfort zone. She is sharing it because it works.

If you’re tired of getting stuck in part-time roles or never hired as a series regular and you want to be a full-time actor, this book will give you a plan of action to leap beyond those frustrating plateaus into the right rooms and get hired for the roles you want.

You’re an actor! It’s not magic or “being found” that builds your success. WORK launches careers. If you’re serious about this life role, now is the time to act!

This book normally sells for $19.99, but if you buy now, you can get the downloadable ebook version for just $12.47!
Raving reviews
"I've just finished reading it! Such an inspirational book! I've known Valorie for over a decade and couldn't be more grateful for the fact that she has always been part of my life here in LA, either as an Acting, or a Business coach. And I still had to take notes and highlight a lot of segments while reading "Rule Breakers: Changing the Way Actors Do Business." This book is filled with precious information!”
Ana Paula Aleixo Lopes

“A must read for actors! Valorie will change the way you view the business and put you in charge of your own career. I can't recommend it enough!”
Jef Caster